About Kings’ Quarters

  • At Kings’ Quarters we own and board horses on a private home based facility SE of Calgary, straight east of Okotoks.  We prefer natural horsemanship and would love to board your horse or help you learn more about horsemanship.
    Connie connects so well with animals, and especially with horses, she is an inspiration to watch and learn from!


Our philosophy with horses is that of natural horsemanship, gaining respect of your horse but never with a hard hand.  Pat Perelli, Clinton Anderson, Buck Brannaman, Monty Roberts, Josh Nichols are all great examples and great horseman we’ve learned from and respect their ways.  We want you to develop a good respectful relationship with your horse, while gaining confidence and skills to handle your horse well, ride them with confidence and to learn new things and develop skills, for you and your horse!

Whenever possible and reasonable, we ride and teach bareback and keep our horses barefoot.  Its great to simply grab nothing but a rope and halter, catch your horse, hop on and go for a ride.  A bareback ride lets you really connect with your horse and feel their motion with your body, and vise versa, where you don’t need all the hastles, expenses and difficulties of the bit, bridle and saddle.  Ask your horse, I’m sure they’d prefer that too!  And don’t worry, you are welcome to saddle up anytime as well, we just hope you will want to learn bareback with us as well.